02/26/2017  I am considering reactivating my Wordpress blog and operating it in parallel with this blogger blog after a long hibernation. My blogger blog is free to operate and blogger appears to allow greater latitude in expressing my more controversial opinions. Wordpress appears to have an advantage in making money from ads and  superior format flexibility. I would like to eventually continue my bottle craft hobby combined with succulent plants and Wordpress appears to be a superior method of promoting such a craft hobby. I don't expect to make very much spare change but its something I enjoy and it takes my mind off of Crohns disease.  One of my wife's relatives gave me some information on a blog called www.makingsenseofcents.com which had several good recommendations.

(before 2016)  I was shocked when WORDPRESS cancelled my blog.  Am I really that offensive?  I guess freedom of speech is just not that important to the WORDPRESS team.  I am not even exactly sure what I did that was so bad.  Thank God that Blogger still tolerates ideas that may be controversial.  Ideas should be defeated by debate not by censorship from a big corporation.  Making money is more important than free speech for some corporations.  Where is the ACLU when I need it?

(WordPress has reinstated my WordPress blog. Lisa said that an automatic process had flagged it.   I have decided to split my blogging into two blogs.  One blog will be on WordPress and the other blog will be on Blogger. The WordPress blog will take a short hiatus while I evaluate its purpose and it undergoes a severe overhaul. The Blogger blog will now be my primary blog for continuation of my typical past blog posts. )

5/28/2015 I am discontinuing my Wordpress blog. I am going to concentrate all efforts on Blogger.  I just like Blogger better because its easier for me.

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