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02/20/2017  I changed the name of this blog to "Glenn's Way".  The word "Way" can refer to a road or path you are traveling.  I certainly don't get my way most of the time or my life would be quite different. Not necessarily better but surely different.  God has been good to me on the path I am on so it would be impolite and inappropriate of me to complain about any correction he has given me along the way.

The old title of "Glenn's View" sounded too much like the TV program the "View".  I always disliked that program so I wanted a different type of title for my blog.

12/25/2016:  People have told me various negative things about myself over the years and some of them may have been true at the time.  Some may unfortunately still be true.  I have been called a person with carnivorous humor, passive aggressive, various four letter words, and several people have said they were going to kill me.  No one has ever seriously attempted to kill me for which I am thankful. Some people have even said good things about me and I would like to thank them for it right now.  My father used to say "If you can't say anything good then don't say anything" but I haven't always followed his advice.  I am going to at least make a better attempt to say good things about people whenever possible in this blog.

2015 or before:  I am an imperfect Christian, married with two children, retired Electrical Engineer and have Crohn's disease with related health issues.  Grew up on a dairy farm and I am a farm boy at heart trapped in the city by circumstance.  Graduated from Theresa Grade School, Lomira High School and Milwaukee School of Engineering.  Worked at Wurtz Specialty Ice, Lindberg, APV Crepaco and Seiberling Associates.  The best engineering project that I worked on was at the Dannon Yogurt company in Ft. Worth, Texas.

I like Gardening, BloggerScience Fiction, Science Fact, Computers, Johnny Cash, Bottle crafts, Cats, Dogs, Animals of all types, Collecting tools, Reading, Kindle Fire, George Webb's, Chess, Packers Football and spending time with my family sometimes.  I dislike  riding in small planes, Roller coasters, not getting enough sleep, Driving long distances, Living in a city, Crohn's disease, pain, shots, infusions, pills, doctor visits, operations, hospitals, filling out bureaucratic forms and people that are busybodies.

I like to blog because it relaxes me and it's the only time I get to say what I actually think without someone immediately contradicting me.  Blogging is about the only thing that I am capable of doing because I have health problems that prevent me from doing too much else.  Please feel free to leave almost any type of comment on the blog.  I like to have people disagree with my posts in their comments because I know that I will always have the final word in my own blog.

My family at a graduation party.

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