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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Almost time to plant a garden !

I greatly enjoy gardening. I may not have an impressive garden to look at but it usually tastes pretty good.  Dreaming of Josta berries, Native plums, Raspberries and even some veggies. Hope the cherry bush survived winter.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hartford may not be crime free?

Someone tried to get in our front door but the secondary locks we installed stopped them and they went away.  We are taking measures to insure this is not repeated easily with impunity.

Also, one of our outer windows was frozen in the up position and we did not put that up.  It would not be a wise person that tried breaking into our house. The police are two blocks away and we know their number.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hartford, WI is definitely a good place to live.

I really enjoy living in Hartford.

The house is really a severe mess from moving but we will slowly put it in order even though we all have some type of disability. The cat is not helping.  Plenty of room in the house for me. We even had some visitors already.  Looking forward to having a real garden.  I am really a farm boy at heart but I don't think I could turn the old W-6 tractor around on this lot. A small garden will have to do.

I think I shocked my Aurora doctors when they started reading my record from Froedtert. They weren't expecting someone giving them such a heavy workload by just walking through the door. Sorry about that but lets face it, I have medical issues that require heavy work.

 We attended a local Church that had great people and fit our beliefs.  Hopefully this Church will work out well for us because I really hate Church hopping. I didn't like leaving our old Church but it is just too far for me to constantly travel with my medical conditions.