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Saturday, July 30, 2016

ZIKA virus in our blood supply..

Zika is being transmitted by insects on the United States mainland and can get into the blood supply from donated blood.  How frightening is that.  It's just another reason to postpone my unscheduled medical operations other than I just don't like operations.  The blood supply does not appear to be completely safe unless a Zika test is developed that can account for every pint of potentially contaminated blood.

I also heard that the ban on homosexual blood donation is going to be lifted.  I hope there are new tests that can detect AIDS even at its beginning stages otherwise this will be another source of contamination.  It may be nice to be politically correct but there were legitimate  medical reasons for this ban and someone needs to make sure these medical reasons have been eliminated before we give the general population AIDS.  We need Ben Carson as surgeon general instead of whatever loony toon is currently on the job.

AR-15's stolen from unlocked cars near me...

What kind of numskull leaves an AR-15 in an unlocked car?  I wouldn't even leave my car without locking it and I never leave anything of value in the car anyways.  Leaving a gun in your unlocked car free for the stealing is stupid and dangerous.  I have nothing against responsible gun owners owning an AR-15 but leaving it in an open car should be worthy of a fine for being stupid at least.  Apparently this has been happening more than once in Dodge and Washington counties?    Why don't these people just give away their guns to me if they don't know how to take care of them?  I could at least sell them for profit or give them to a more responsible person.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Don't send your children to Public Schools?

Automatic funding for public schools should be banned.  A total nation wide school choice voucher system should be the goal of any reasonable person.  Parents should be able to choose a decent school for their children instead of being forced to go to an under performing brain washing factory with a bunch of uncontrolled bullies who threaten their children.  I went to some good public schools but some children are just not that blessed.  There are some schools in Milwaukee that actually graduate students who can barely read and then everyone wonders why unemployment there is so high? It's a big mystery that requires constant research with taxpayer dollars to determine why there is so much violence in the inner city of Milwaukee.  Could it be that some of the schools are just no good and should be replaced by a better model?

Every parent should have a reasonable financial choice to send their children to a good school and government vouchers would be the best use of taxpayer dollars.  Public schools may even survive if parents choose to send their children there based on good school performance.  Christian schools teach morality and basic civilized behavior in an efficient manner.  It may not work perfectly for every kid but its better than churning out a bunch of kids that commit crimes and can't get a job.

Christians should develop their own school system and avoid public schools if possible.  Young children are too vulnerable to secular value indoctrination.  Our rights,freedom and responsibilities come from God and not from the state.  It is impossible to teach that in a public school because the mention of God is forbidden.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Repeal the Johnson amendment.

Trump may need a leash to keep him under control but he is right to propose repealing the Johnson amendment.  Freedom of speech and Freedom of religion are more important than giving power to the bureaucrats at the Internal Revenue Service.  Churches are currently muzzled by fear that the IRS will take their tax exempt status away.  "The power to tax is the power to destroy" and the government should have no authority to destroy the free speech of religious people.  The IRS is currently a dangerous tool of the government that can easily decide which religious speech is acceptable for tax purposes.  That's just not right.  What is the politically correct secular elite afraid of?  Why not allow people to say what they think without a threat from the IRS?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Trumps wife gets my vote !
Do we really want Bill Clinton to be first spouse?  Melania Trump gets my vote instead !  Which person would you rather have represent our country for a potential 8 years ?  Melania speaks five languages and lets face it she looks better than Bill.

Monday, July 11, 2016

My Garden 2016 !

Cuke/Lettuce in self-water planter.
I have finally started a garden this year.  Here are a few pictures of the small vegetable/fruit garden in my yard.  My former neighbors donated the raised bed materials to my garden cause when they left.  God Bless them where ever they are !  I have some other fruit bushes planted but I have not been able to cut the grass around the bushes so the area around them looks a little to rough to put on a picture.  Any garden is better than no garden however I hope to enjoy a great harvest from this small effort.

Cherry Bush in Smart Pot.

Yellow Squash in raised bed.

Beginning of a raised bed for next year.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Transgender Military ?

The leadership in our military does not seem enthusiastic about the new transgender military policies of the Obama administration.  Personally I don't care if a transgender person serves in the military as long as they obey existing dress,grooming,bathroom and behavior policies.  It is an unfair burden on the military to make the military pay for sex change operations or change other behavior related policies.  Our military needs to win wars and keep the peace.  I don't think transgender social experimentation will help them get the job done.  I am sorry but some people don't belong in the military for many reasons.  You shouldn't be in the military if you have any uncontrollable behavior that distracts from the purpose of the job and doesn't help the military win.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Blue lives matter.

All lives matter including black lives.  It should concern all Americans when any person is killed unjustly.  Much of the news media and many activists are stirring up racial emotions that cause unbalanced people to take violent actions.  The slant on some news stories regarding the death of black people at the hands of police may have encouraged the violent ambush on the police in Dallas.  The Black lives matter movement may have many decent people involved with it however I have observed some of these activists stirring up direct racial hatred and hatred of the police that is every bit as bad as any white racial prejudice.

We need more black police officers in areas that are predominately black.  This would reduce the appearance of racial prejudice against blacks.  We need more professional police snipers on higher buildings during large protests to stop criminals from shooting at the police.  We need to increase the number of police K-9 units with body armor on the ground during large protests.  Dogs are not prejudiced, they merely do what they are trained to do.  Dogs do not carry guns that can be stolen and used as a weapon.  A dog may temporarily hurt a person but that is better than getting killed.  People have more respect for dogs than for human beings trying to enforce the law and dogs don't care what you call them.  These suggestions only deal with the symptoms and not the underlying problem.

The only way to eliminate the underlying problem is for people to get straight with Jesus.  Cultural and religious values that spark a person to kill someone unjustly are not acceptable on any side and are the root of this problem.  There is nothing wrong with peaceful protests that don't break fair laws or put other people in harms way.  Anyone that takes advantage of protests to commit acts of violence needs to be stopped by direct actions of the police and the police need to be monitored for illegal behavior.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The System is Rigged.

Trump is right about at least one thing.  The System is Rigged.  Hillary not charged with anything?  Baloney.  The average person would be sitting in a jail cell if they had done half of what Hillary did with classified email!  Why wasn't Hillary charged with a crime?  Its not because she was innocent.  Political power and money can buy false justice in the USA today. Trump may not be a paragon of virtue but Hillary has given him a legitimate issue to harp on for this presidential election.  The legal system is rigged against the average person and in favor of the politically correct.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Welcome Mauritius readers !

Welcome readers from the island nation of Mauritius !  I must admit I didn't know about your country until I saw Mauritius readers in my Blogger stats.  Please leave a comment on the blog about what you are interested in so I can include more content that you like.

Hartford Independence Day Parade is Quality Stuff !

Check out these pictures from my Kindle of the Hartford Independence Day parade.  We used to have a Farmall M tractor on our farm in the distant past when I was growing up.  Beautiful tractor.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Roku TV and Sky news

I enjoy watching the news from another countries viewpoints. Roku TV has many foreign news apps like Sky news that I watch and the price is right.  I found the news reports from Sky news about Hillary's FBI interview particularly funny.  The reporter was standing outside the Clinton's house and a dog was barking in an angry manner.  The person in Britain asked the reporter if the Clinton's were about to set the dogs on her. I thought that was hilarious.  When I watch NBC instead, the reporters are very serious and practically bow down and worship Hillary's aura.

Parliament in other countries is a good laugh when they get angry and fight.  Taiwan is always good for a brawl while Canada is so carefully proper like fries with vinegar.

Roku and Amazon Fire TV are very similar.  Roku TV is better than Fire TV with the exception of gaming which doesn't interest me personally but Amazon Fire gaming is economically efficient if you game.  The Fire gaming is high quality from what I have seen from my sons experience and it has a lot of free and very low cost games.

TV should be free after you buy the TV in my opinion.  Internet service is a utility that is needed for survival in the modern world.  Roku beats unnecessary cable TV.