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Saturday, July 30, 2016

ZIKA virus in our blood supply..

Zika is being transmitted by insects on the United States mainland and can get into the blood supply from donated blood.  How frightening is that.  It's just another reason to postpone my unscheduled medical operations other than I just don't like operations.  The blood supply does not appear to be completely safe unless a Zika test is developed that can account for every pint of potentially contaminated blood.

I also heard that the ban on homosexual blood donation is going to be lifted.  I hope there are new tests that can detect AIDS even at its beginning stages otherwise this will be another source of contamination.  It may be nice to be politically correct but there were legitimate  medical reasons for this ban and someone needs to make sure these medical reasons have been eliminated before we give the general population AIDS.  We need Ben Carson as surgeon general instead of whatever loony toon is currently on the job.

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