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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Don't send your children to Public Schools?

Automatic funding for public schools should be banned.  A total nation wide school choice voucher system should be the goal of any reasonable person.  Parents should be able to choose a decent school for their children instead of being forced to go to an under performing brain washing factory with a bunch of uncontrolled bullies who threaten their children.  I went to some good public schools but some children are just not that blessed.  There are some schools in Milwaukee that actually graduate students who can barely read and then everyone wonders why unemployment there is so high? It's a big mystery that requires constant research with taxpayer dollars to determine why there is so much violence in the inner city of Milwaukee.  Could it be that some of the schools are just no good and should be replaced by a better model?

Every parent should have a reasonable financial choice to send their children to a good school and government vouchers would be the best use of taxpayer dollars.  Public schools may even survive if parents choose to send their children there based on good school performance.  Christian schools teach morality and basic civilized behavior in an efficient manner.  It may not work perfectly for every kid but its better than churning out a bunch of kids that commit crimes and can't get a job.

Christians should develop their own school system and avoid public schools if possible.  Young children are too vulnerable to secular value indoctrination.  Our rights,freedom and responsibilities come from God and not from the state.  It is impossible to teach that in a public school because the mention of God is forbidden.

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