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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Roku TV and Sky news

I enjoy watching the news from another countries viewpoints. Roku TV has many foreign news apps like Sky news that I watch and the price is right.  I found the news reports from Sky news about Hillary's FBI interview particularly funny.  The reporter was standing outside the Clinton's house and a dog was barking in an angry manner.  The person in Britain asked the reporter if the Clinton's were about to set the dogs on her. I thought that was hilarious.  When I watch NBC instead, the reporters are very serious and practically bow down and worship Hillary's aura.

Parliament in other countries is a good laugh when they get angry and fight.  Taiwan is always good for a brawl while Canada is so carefully proper like fries with vinegar.

Roku and Amazon Fire TV are very similar.  Roku TV is better than Fire TV with the exception of gaming which doesn't interest me personally but Amazon Fire gaming is economically efficient if you game.  The Fire gaming is high quality from what I have seen from my sons experience and it has a lot of free and very low cost games.

TV should be free after you buy the TV in my opinion.  Internet service is a utility that is needed for survival in the modern world.  Roku beats unnecessary cable TV.

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