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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Who should you vote for as President?

Is our choice really going to be between Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?  Even an atheist must admit that our country needs prayer if these two people are our only options. How pathetic.  There must be someone better than these two people in a country with over 300 million people.  God surely has a sense of humor in my opinion to allow this to happen.  I personally am not going to vote for President if these are my only choices.  I would have supported Ben Carson but he never gained any traction.  I will pray for whoever is elected.

Trump does have one advantage over Hillary if elected
.  His spouse is better looking.

Donald Trump in February 2009
Donald Trump in February 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Prepping makes sense to me.

All Giza Pyramids in one shot. Русский: Все пи...
All Giza Pyramids in one shot. Русский: Все пирамиды Гизы на изображении. Español: Las Pirámides de Guiza (Egipto). Français : Les Pyramides de Gizeh (Egypte). Català: Les Piràmides de Giza, a Egipte. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The prepping movement makes some sense to me.  There are a large number of scenarios that could disrupt our society on a large scale such as volcanic explosions, earthquakes, war, contagious diseases, riots, solar storms or Donald becoming president.  No amount of human preparation can mitigate every possible disaster but I think some preparation is reasonable.  My faith is ultimately in God however even Joseph in the Old Testament was into prepping for disaster.  Joseph prepared the entire land of Egypt for a seven year famine under the authority of Pharaoh.  It worked out for him and I believe we should learn from his example.

There are a large number of electronic books on Amazon relating to prepping for disaster and off-grid living that I have been reading. Many are even free as a promotion for some periods of time and I try to purchase them during those times. It amazes me that so many things can be obtained at no cost.  I strongly suspect that electronic and paper currency will eventually have little value if our society continues its economic policies.  This doesn't matter that much to me because my electronic currency value is rather limited. Perhaps my economic value in society will actually improve in some disaster scenarios. Knowledge may be worth some barter value in a post disaster society.

666 posts on my blog.

English: Stained Glass depiction of Revelation...
English: Stained Glass depiction of Revelation 3:20 "Jesus at the Door." Window attributed to the Quaker City Glass Company of Philadelphia, 1912. Installed in St. Matthew's German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Charleston, South Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There were exactly 666 posts on this blog before this one. I added this one to make 667 posts.  I am not superstitious or hyper religious but that doesn't mean I want to promote the "number of the beast".

I am not an expert on the Book of Revelations so I don't pretend to fully understand all aspects of it however I did skip to the end of the Book and found out that Jesus wins. My preference is to be on his team and I think people on the opposing team really aren't all that smart.