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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hate speech against Christians

Buddhist statue with hidden crucifix on back, ...
Buddhist statue with hidden crucifix on back, used by Christians in Japan to hide their real beliefs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hate speech and messages filled with gleeful hate are always wrong even when they are aimed at Christians.  Homosexuals are right to complain about hate speech directed at them because of their sexual orientation but many people direct venomous bile at Christians because of their religion and then don't even see how wrong their own prejudice is.  Other religious groups escape some of this persecution.  Some radical Islamic extremists will even kill you for mild insults involving their religion so maybe they don't get this type of persecution as often.

Personally, I think it is better to promote a positive message of your own views rather than try to use hate speech and social media bigotry to denigrate the views of another person or group.  Hate speech and prejudice did work well for Adolf Hitler for a time but only with ignorant people already predisposed to his evil message.  Unfortunately, hate speech on social media and government persecution against religious groups seems to be the latest fad taking America by storm.