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DSL Hell

Joshua Sellnow: Terzanelle

                                    A DSL Hell

A CPU devil dwells
on an evil desktop throne
in a DSL hell.

All hope of sleep and real world freedom gone,
a hacker demon sits here, its keystroke unlocking a cyber abyss,
on an evil desktop throne.

The incessant, infernal loading time persists
as the computer eats a paperback’s soul.
A hacker demon sits here, it’s keystrokes unlocking a cyber abyss.

The endless clicking and typing is taking it’s toll
on a damned former novelist staring, tormented,
as the computer eats a paperback’s soul.

The imps dance on the shores of the digital stygian water
surrounded by megabyte flames
as the damned former novelist stares, tormented.

Playing pernicious, diabolic software games
a CPU devil dwells
surrounded by megabyte flames
in a DSL Hell.

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