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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Republican election maps are no good.

MADISON, WI - MARCH 10:  A police officer moni...
MADISON, WI - MARCH 10: A police officer monitors protestors as people are removed from the assembly chamber at the Wisconsin State Capitol on March 10, 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin. Thousands of demonstrators continue to protest at the Wisconsin State Capitol as the Wisconsin house prepares to vote on the state's controversial budget bill one day after Wisconsin Republican Senators voted to curb collective bargaining rights for public union workers in a surprise vote with no Democrats present. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Federal judges have ruled that the Republican drawn election maps in Wisconsin can't be used.  These maps were drawn to help Republicans win elections and that is unconstitutional.  It is also unfair to minorities.  The constitution always seems important to some conservative Republicans until it interferes with their inalienable right to win every election.
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Changed Churches.

We are going to a new Church but it is not for very religious reasons. I had two car accidents at the old Church and I simply can't afford any more increased insurance premiums because I don't have any more money.  That is literally true.  The new Church we are going to has approximately the same doctrine but it has a beautiful parking lot where people will not back into my car or hit me head on.  It also had some recent building construction that makes it more handicap accessible which is very important to me.
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

PS Vita needs Skype as soon as possible.

English: Logo of the PlayStation VIta.
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The PS Vita needs Skype soon.  This would make it an incredibly cost effective phone for my son.  How long will it take Sony to add Skype is the big mystery.
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

U.S, Cellular is not my favorite company.

I had a charge on my US Cellular bill for bible verse texts from a company called .  I had never heard of this company and had not ordered any Bible verse texts.  US Cellular tried to make me pay this charge initially by implying that it was my fault somehow.  They finally agreed to credit my bill with the amount on the next bill but only after giving me the old run around on the phone.  Companies that charge you for things without your permission should be held accountable some way.  I do not like being intimidated and coerced into paying for something that I simply never ordered.

Vagina Monologue

My son went to attend the Vagina Monologues with his girlfriend at UW Milwaukee tonight.  Any prayer for him would be appreciated.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wisconsin Voter intimidation has been stopped.

A judge stopped the Wisconsin Voter I.D. law.  This was a law dreamed up by rich white Republicans to help them win elections.  It amazes me that the hypocrites who wrote this law can keep a straight face when they defend it publicly.  They do not want everyone to vote because then they will lose close elections like the upcoming Recall of the Governor.  Rich healthy white people tend to vote more Republican so it would only make sense to a Republican to exclude anyone else if possible.  You can't blame someone for acting in their own self-interest but you would need to be fairly dull not to see through their explanations for this law.  I suppose the next step is to smear the judge that made the decision.

Sugarless menthol cough drops are better.

I have found that the sugarless version of menthol cough drops seem to taste slightly less icky than the regular menthol cough drops.  The sugarless version is not as harsh tasting but it still does the same job.

Crohn's disease and pizza are not compatible.

Remind me to never eat pizza again as long as I live.  I read that Crohn's disease may be related to a bacteria found in cattle that may be transmitted through the food supply to susceptible people.  This is a recent theory with some supporting evidence and it makes sense in my case because I was exposed to cattle under primitive sanitary conditions constantly while I was young.  I drank raw milk, ate meat and took care of dairy cattle on a grade B dairy farm until I was 22.  It sure does me a lot of good at this time to learn how I got this disease.  Plus I have a bad cold right now to cheer me up.  At least the Pizza tasted good and I can listen to "I heart radio" on the internet while writing this pity me story.

Actually I have had it a lot worse than this so I may as well cheer up a little. 

Scott Walker will not challenge any recall signatures.

Scott Walker will not be challenging any signatures on the recall petitions because he knows it would not help him.  The Republican party had been trying to create a smokescreen by saying that many signatures were invalid.  I don't blame them for trying to create a delay because a delay may help their candidate's sinking popularity but a person would have to be pretty dim to believe in the idea that this many people put down false recall signatures.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Doc Savage books for sale.

I have a bunch of Doc Savage books for sale at $2 each plus shipping.  Let me know if anyone is interested and I will email you more information.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I am Pro-life but I still like President Obama.

Abortion is an important issue for me for religious reasons.  I have seen animals and people die.  It is not a pretty sight and I don't have the stomach to watch it happen.  Abortion cannot be morally justified when adoption of the child is an option and the mother's life is not in danger.  If I had the ability to make laws I would not allow a baby to be killed by abortion unless it was necessary to save the mothers life.

I read recently that some professional people have been advocating that parents should have the right to kill their babies even after they are born if they want to.  This is a logical progression for people who believe in abortion and yet most Pro-choice people do not take this obvious step in their thinking.  Why not?

I do not think that abortion can be eliminated in the near future due to the political reality in the United States.  Abortion is one of the few issues that I disagree on with President Obama.  Republicans simply lack the political capability to outlaw abortion and they also have blood on their hands for different reasons.  Unfortunately, this is the real world so it is necessary to make the best choice possible.  

Netflix on PS Vita requires correct settings.

My son was having some problems getting his PS Vita to run Netflix.  We were able to get it working perfectly by changing the Netflix streaming quality from low to high.  The PS Vita  Netflix app does not seem to accept the low quality video stream from Netflix and it requires at least a middle quality video stream.