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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Watching Brett Favre and the Vikings now.

I don't like some of the stuff Brett Favre has done but I have to admit he is tough.

Vote in this election?

We should vote in this election. The candidates are worthless.  All of the candidates have some policy that is clearly not Biblical.  There is no strong Christian or Biblical imperative to vote under these conditions.  Voting only in our our own self-interest seems kind of petty.
There is one secular reason that it is a good idea to vote.  Many people died defending our right to vote and worship in peace.  We should vote just out of respect for these soldiers.  Hopefully, we will collectively choose the candidate who will do the least harm but they all look pretty bad to me.

Glass bottles needed for crafts. Large diameter glass bottles needed.

I need some large diameter glass bottles or glass jugs for a bottle cutting craft hobby.  Cleaned bottles are nice but any large diameter jug will do.  Does anyone know a place where I could get some for free?  I got quite a few good size wine bottles by advertising on Craigslist but I really want glass bottles with as large a diameter as possible.

Corrected blog post time to Central U.S. time.

Reader from the Netherlands on Glenn's blog

One of the readers of my blog is from the Netherlands according to my blog stats page.  I didn't think my blog would ever be good enough to interest someone from over seas but I guess I was wrong.  My happiness ascends into the stratosphere with this new readership information.

3:30AM-No room at George Webbs

I went to pick up Josh from work at 3:00AM and I was hungry so I decided to stop at George Webbs.  It was so packed with people that there was no place to sit so I went to another George Webbs.  This one was full but I managed to snag a table.  I think George Webbs is the king of restaurants for people with my tastes.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Blog / Shareaholic (@shareaholic)

I have discovered Shareaholic. It is an quick easy way to post to Facebook, Twitter, blogger and others from one button on your browser.

Blog / Shareaholic (@shareaholic)

Favre Practices, Listed As Questionable - BIG 12 Sports News Story - WISN Milwaukee

Is Favre an iron man or a Drama Queen?

Favre Practices, Listed As Questionable - BIG 12 Sports News Story - WISN Milwaukee

Sony to announce 'new PSP product' when 'the timing is right,' VP says | Joystiq

This would be a good product.

Sony to announce 'new PSP product' when 'the timing is right,' VP says | Joystiq

Mount Everest now 'wired' for Internet, ready for Starbucks -- Engadget

Finally! I can do my climb to the top of Mount Everest now that they have Internet.

Mount Everest now 'wired' for Internet, ready for Starbucks -- Engadget

Sony earnings call entertains PlayStation Phone, reveals tablets are on the radar -- Engadget

My son Anthony would like this if they make it.

Sony earnings call entertains PlayStation Phone, reveals tablets are on the radar -- Engadget - Is NASA Covering Up the 100-Year Starship?

Should NASA build the "one-way" spaceship? - Is NASA Covering Up the 100-Year Starship?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jacksonville mom shakes baby for interrupting FarmVille, pleads guilty to murder |

This is very sad but I do not think FarmVille can be blamed. There were probably other factors involved.

Jacksonville mom shakes baby for interrupting FarmVille, pleads guilty to murder |

Religious Undercurrent Ripples In Anti-Gay Bullying : NPR

This is an interesting article.

"Zombie Virus" Possible via Rabies-Flu Hybrid?

Zombies are possible according to this article in National Geographic. No joke so be prepared.
"Zombie Virus" Possible via Rabies-Flu Hybrid?

Sweepstakes win by Glenn. I won Popular Mechanics Mag for one year.

I won a free years subscription to Popular Mechanics from the MCD sweepstakes.  Just goes to show that if you eat at McDonalds enough, good things are bound to happen.  This is a sad comment on my multifaceted diet.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Google Gadgets for Blogger are not very good.

I have determined that the Google Gadgets for Blogger are pretty well useless.  Only the Gadgets made directly made by Google are useful.  The third party gadgets have too many ads or they do not work.

South Vietnamese military veteran Tuan Van Mac.

I met a South Vietnamese military veteran named Tuan Van Mac while I was in college which was 30 years ago.  I talked to him quite a bit because he was interesting and a friend.  He was quite a bit older than me but we got along fairly well.

Tuan's parents were killed by communists for the crimes of owning an orchard and his father being a teacher.

He was studying to be a lawyer when he was drafted into the equivalent of the South Vietnamese marines.  He believed he would have died if he hadn't transferred out to be a helicopter pilot with some training in the United States.
He became a good pilot and eventually was put in charge of multiple aircraft.  When he was put in charge, he didn't allow the transport of illegal drugs on any helicopter under his command because he believed it was wrong.

This became a problem because his commanders had been receiving kickback payments.  He was reassigned to emergency rescue missions because of this and was given a big party to celebrate this "promotion".

He was shot down three times but always managed to land safely.  During one mission his helicopter was hit and there was a large hole in the helicopter between his legs but there was no exit hole of any shell.  At that moment he looked up and saw a man blown out of a command and control helicopter.  This was the same man who had given him what amounted to a suicidal assignment.

Tuan was in Saigon the day it fell to the communists. He figured they would kill him and it was time to leave.  He overloaded his helicopter with about 27 people and somehow got it in the air.  He barely slipped between some tall trees at high speed and low altitude which he believed was a miracle from God.  He went out over the ocean and landed on a prison island where all the prisoners had just been released because the war had been lost.

Tuan was out of fuel so he got on the radio and began broadcasting for help.  The U.S. military was not supposed to help the Vietnamese military at this time but they had covertly hired freighters in the area.  One of these ships picked up Tuan and his passengers.  He stayed at a temporary location (Guam?) until someone sponsored him to come to the U.S. to become a U.S. Citizen.  I believe he eventually went on to own a profitable business in Texas.

Blog is back online after some kind of problem last night.

I made a few changes to this blog last night and it caused it to become unresponsive. Looks like it is working fine now.

Is Brett Farve really a Drama Queen? Vote in the poll on my blog.

Vote in the Brett Farve Drama Queen poll on this page.  It is below the postings.

Blog posting time stamps do not match actual time?

I noticed that my Blog posting time stamps do not match the real time shown on my computer so where is this false time coming from? It is probably some setting I missed but it is slightly disconcerting.

Why does my main desktop computer whine at night?

Our desktop computer was intermittently making strange whining sounds in the early mornings. I thought it might be some type of virus data mining our computer for personal or financial information.  I think it turned out to be a problem between Windows Vista and the update software of our HP desktop PC.  When I manually allowed the update to go through the whining ceased.  I wonder how long this has been happening without my knowing it because we had to have the power supply on this computer replaced after it failed.  Maybe this problem put a strain on the power supply somehow.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Masterpiece Theater on public TV

Now we are watching Masterpiece Theater on public TV.  That will teach me a good lesson for giving Judy the only remote for the TV.  There must be SOMETHING better than this to watch.  Even Judy fell asleep but I'm afraid to grab the remote because I will wake her up.

I think that I will risk it.

No HULU tonight, only local TV.

Everybody wants to watch internet video on PS3 and the other computers so I can't watch HULU tonight because it overloads our internet connection with everybody on it at once.  TV isn't that bad but HULU is just so much better.  If I had the money, I could upgrade our internet speed but it's not worth it because I can do something else temporarily.  Lots of times I'm not very mobile because of Crohn's and about the only thing that I can do is surf the internet or watch a program while laying flat on my back.

Anthony's on line game really slows the internet connection down but he loves it so much that I give him priority. So now I'm watching 24.2 (The country music video channel) on local broadcast TV and blogging about it.  Cable TV costs more than I can afford but the local digital broadcast channels provide some comparable content.  We switched to 30.1 (local Baptist channel) because the some of the music videos were too offensive.  John Ankerberg is interesting but some of the other programs on VCY are simply not completely logically self consistent.  Christian  Fundamentalism is not all wrong but a strident attitude by some followers of it does not honor Jesus or help with evangelism.

The joy of iron infusions!

Other people may have it worse than me but I really dislike iron infusions.  Now I have to have another five more at least.  Looks like the operation didn't stop the internal bleeding completely. How wonderful! I actually have gotten used to needle insertions.  I guess you can get used to anything.

Don't vote.

Democrats are in favor of abortion and I am not.  Republicans will not help the poor with health insurance and I will drop dead without it.  Third party candidates are either kooky or ineffective so why bother.

What is the purpose in voting if all your choices are worthless.  Democrats murder babies and Republicans murder whole families with their policies.  These social issues trump all other political issues in importance as far as I am concerned.  

I am glad that Democrats and Republican politicians fight with one another because it means they have less time to devise new methods of causing trouble to the world in general and me in particular.  The best thing that can happen in politics is total gridlock.

The policies we should have are an end to abortion, conservative Christian social policies, health insurance for all Americans, a strong military,a strong homeland security system, no costly wars based on lies, real terrorists/rogue states should be brought to justice by any means necessary including war, comprehensive immigration reform, amnesty/forgiveness for illegal aliens, legalization/taxation of marijuana, increased taxes on alcohol, increased taxes on cigarettes, increased penalties for illegal drug suppliers and any policy which will promote job growth with economic justice.

I suspect many politicians will burn in hell for some of their votes after God judges them on judgement day.  Why should I vote for them?  Prayer, forgiveness and personal responsibility are the only effective means of improving the condition of this country if that is possible.  Maybe some politicians do the best they can but it is not good enough and I just am not seeing it.  Show me a politician with a good track record and I might consider voting.

60 MPH winds tonight. Hope we don't blow away.

I like storms as long as no one gets seriously injured. Insurance companies make plenty of money and can afford to replace property.  Storms provide a pleasant chaos and a little excitement. I didn't even have to take Josh to his irritating pool league because it was canceled due to the storm.  I can actually enjoy the evening.  My happiness is unbounded.

Josh could have straight A's if he just went to class all the time.

Getting Josh to go to class is like pulling teeth.  He is smart enough but I think his late night part time job is making him too tired to go to all of his classes.  He is a member of the teamsters union at the Milwaukee Journal and they pay pretty good for part time work.  Unfortunately, he needs the money desperately to complete college.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Humira syringes are better than the pens !

Humira syringes hurt much less than the pen.  Syringes allow you to control the rate of the injection so it does not hurt!

Caligula reminds me of some politicians today.

I suspect Caligula was not exactly insane.  Some politicians today seem to be very similar but they don't have the full power that Caligula had so they cannot do the same types of actions.  Things have not changed very much in 2000 years.

The minister at the Church I go to is pretty good but he seems not to appreciate the role that the United States plays in the world today.  If power were concentrated in the United States like it was in ancient Rome, the United States would now be a world wide empire.  The founders of the United States did a good job with the separation of powers in the constitution.

We should give proper respect to the members of the United States military.  They do the crap that no one else wants to do but needs to be done.  Obviously the military is not perfect. I am somewhat disappointed by the attitude that some Christian leaders and others have towards people in the military. The Bible indicates that we should give honor where honor is due.  The Roman Centurion who asked Jesus to heal his servant served the same Rome that was to crucify Jesus, but Jesus said that he had not found a faith so great as his ....

I am watching the History of Rome on Hulu

I really like  It is better than TV.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Baby Delivery

I worked in the automation department at APV Crepaco and people there did not always get along that well. There was a process engineer named Steve who had a significant personality and he did not get along well with my boss Randy M.. These two constantly bickered and I was caught in the middle of their bickering. Deadlines for all projects were the most important thing in the world to my boss Randy because missing them made him look bad.

A deadline for a project was at hand but the problem was Steve's wife was in the process of having a baby. Completing the project would require Steve and I to work together for a few hours but that was difficult because Steve was at home with his wife who was in labor with a baby. The labor turned out to be a false labor but apparently it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference so the doctors wanted Steve to stay with her. Randy insisted that the project be completed on time despite the labor of Steve's wife.

They sent me to Steve's house in a giant Crepaco van to complete the project with Steve. Someone gave me a pair of gloves before I left the plant and I asked what they were for. I was informed that they were to deliver Steve's baby.

I arrived at Steve's house and we went to work on the project using his kitchen table as a desk. Steve's wife walked around the table constantly because she was in pain from her false labor. She eventually made us some lunch which was quite good of her considering the circumstances. Steve and I finished the project and I was finally able to leave this awkward situation.

Steve's wife had a healthy child sometime after I left.

911 in Wauwatosa

Our phone failed and kept dialing 911 by itself. I found out later that this is not that uncommon. The Wauwatosa police showed up early in the morning and Judy answered the door. They insisted that they had to go into our apartment even though Judy told them no one had called. Judy brings them into the living room and then calls me in the bedroom to come out. I come out half asleep in my underwear and say "What the hell is it now" before I see the police. She forgot to tell me the police were standing there to see me in all my half naked glory.


I grew up on a dairy farm and our silo had two rats in it. I climbed up the silo chute and peaked through the door. The rats came running out past my ears and down my body. They appeared to float down the silo chute, barely making contact with the sides of the chute. This went on for several days and I found it very annoying. Eventually I started putting entry doors back in the silo so the rats could not get out so easy. I got inside the silo with the trapped rats and destroyed them in a Neanderthal like battle which lasted about 15 minutes. They were a worthy opponent but they had to go into that good night via a pitchfork.

Airplanes at SAI

I used to work at a place called Seiberling Associates (SAI) and the president was named Dale Seiberling. Dale liked to fly his own company plane and take people with him.

I was riding along in the co-pilot's seat and Dale asked me if he should do an upwards loop or a downwards loop. I was irritated with Dale so I said that I didn't give a damn. Dale put the plane in a steep dive for fun and I watched the ground come up towards me. A person sitting in the back was floating about a foot off his seat. This was Dale's idea of fun.

Dale liked to sleep while he was flying the plane so he told me to watch for planes to avoid hitting them. He had an alarm clock installed on the control panel of the plane to wake him up when he was flying alone and fell asleep.

Dale had unintended adventures while flying that were legendary in the company. I was not there for these adventures but they sounded about right.

Dale had a fight with the person fueling his plane so he didn't get all of his fuel and the cap appeared to be loose. Dale had his wife and some business people in the plane with him when he took off. The left engine quit while they were flying but Dale said "Don't worry this plane has two engines". Then the right engine quit and Dale declared an emergency on the plane. "Mayday Mayday" said Dale on the radio and requested help with guidance to glide to a landing. Dale brought the plane in to a safe landing at an abandoned airport.

Another time Dale overloaded his plane with people and baggage. He clipped a power line with his wheel when he was taking off because he was overloaded. He managed to land the plane somehow. He wanted his passengers to get on the plane again with him for another try but they were reluctant and even his wife requested alternate transportation.

This is not a flying story but it is funny. Dale went on vacation with his wife to Egypt. The tour guide wanted to take everyone into the pyramid but Dale's wife didn't want to go into the pyramid because it didn't look safe. A local huckster came by with a camel at this time and asked if they wanted to have their picture taken on a camel by the pyramid. The huckster had them pay him and then made the camel kneel down so they could get on it. He then made the camel stand and took the picture. Then he informed them that it would cost extra to make the camel kneel again so they could get down. Dale was incensed and never would have paid but his wife insisted he pay to make the camel kneel so she could get on the ground again.


One of my sons had given up watching football.  If the Packers win, he will start watching again.

Packers 21 Vikings 17 so farve

Packers may win.

Packers vs Vikings

The Packers better win this game.

Sex, Politics, Religion and life for the Sellnow's

I have decided to blog on the subjects of sex, politics, religion and life for the Sellnow's.  It should be interesting so stay tuned there is more on the way.

First Post

This is my first blog.  Have a good day whoever you are.