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Monday, February 28, 2011

I don't need any iron infusions in the near future!

Micrograph showing cryptitis in a case of Croh...Image via WikipediaBlood tests came back good and I don't need any more iron infusions at this time.  Just maybe, the operation stopped the internal blood loss enough to prevent the need for this swell procedure for a long time.  Crohn's disease makes a person feel like a leper that is decaying from the inside without any visible ulcers.  Lets hope there never are any visible ulcers in my case because I saw some fairly nasty cases on Wikipedia that I never want to see on me.  The government is certainly paying enough for my medications to prevent those types of things from happening.
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Miniature cattle seem great as pets for hobby farms.

A miniature cow (not a calf, a natural mini br...Image via WikipediaI saw an ad for miniature cattle that really seemed kind of impressive.  There are registered miniature cattle that can be used for pets, meat or milk.  The cattle come in all types: Holstein, Jersey, Angus, Hereford, etc.....  They are perfect for hobby farms because of their size.  I'd get one as a pet if I ever owned a hobby farm.  They were on one of the major morning TV shows.  My sister-in-law raises Holstein steers for beef and I tried to talk her into getting some miniature cattle but she just won't go for it because she has been brain washed by the local farmers.  She also gets her stock for free as bottle feeder calves from local farmers up north in Wisconsin.
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

New reader from Denmark on Glenn's blog!

National Coat of arms of Denmark. Blazon: Or, ...Image via WikipediaThere is a new reader from Denmark on my blog.  Welcome Denmark!
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Can you be a Christian and support Gov. Walkers proposed Medicaid changes?

SamaritanImage via WikipediaGovernor Scott Walker is not God and he is in the wrong when it comes to his proposed rule changes to Badgercare/Medicaid.  Jesus blessed, healed and gave food to the poor.  Shouldn't we do the same thing?  People will actually suffer and die if Governor Walker's health care proposals go through the way he wants.  Do we really have to live in Nazi Germany and allow  people to die just to get Governor Walker's budget balanced?  Isn't there some better way to balance the budget?  Jesus said "Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy".  Governor Walkers proposed rule changes to existing health care programs do not show mercy to the poor and ill.  Why are these types of bills being secretly brought to a vote in the middle of the night and rammed through before anyone can even give an opposing vote?  Can't these rule changes stand up to a fair hearing in the light of day?  Is the Governor afraid that people will learn the truth about what he is proposing and protest a little bit?  I hope there are a few Republicans who are Christian enough to stand up to our new Governors pristine right wing economic ideology on this issue at least.
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Made a protective cover for my new laptop to prevent cat attacks.

Cat in attack modeImage via WikipediaCat keeps trying to attack our new laptop when it is laying on a desk connected to a docking station.  I leave the laptop closed and use a monitor to view things.  The cat is so heavy that he would surely break the laptop if he landed directly on it.  I took a good piece of thick plywood and put four inch skinny bolts through it for legs with attached non-skid feet.  This makes a simple little ventilated shelf that I can slip the laptop under to protect it.  I'd  like to see that cat try to get at this computer now.  I no longer fear cat attacks!
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Our Nuwave oven really makes good tasting beef roast.

Roast beef cooked under high heatImage via WikipediaWe made a roast in our Nuwave oven and I was impressed with the taste.  This is the best appliance we ever bought. We have simply stopped using our regular oven because it doesn't make food that tastes as good and it causes more of a mess to clean up.  You can cook potatoes and veggies at the same time as the beef.  Everything cooks faster than a conventional oven.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

New reader from Belarus on Glenn's Blog!

The Resurrection Church of Brest is the larges...Image via WikipediaThere is a reader from Belarus on my blog!  Welcome Belarus!
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New reader from Vietnam on Glenn's blog!

Coat of arms of VietnamImage via WikipediaThere is a new reader from Vietnam on my blog!  Welcome Vietnam!  I had a friend named Tuan Van Mac from Vietnam while I was in college and I knew several different people from Vietnam over the years.
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Is Governor Walker trying to re-elect President Obama to a second term?

WASHINGTON - APRIL 29:  U.S. President Barack ...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeGovernor Scott Walker is energizing the Democratic base by his scorched earth tactics just in time for the next Presidential election.  President Obama probably secretly smiles with happiness when he sees the chaos in Madison caused by Governor Walkers attitude.  I suspect that President Obama will be re-elected by a landslide because the Democratic base in the entire country will turn out heavily because of their anger about Republican governors taking away workers rights.  Minor compromise on Governor Walkers side would easily have prevented this chaos in Madison and he still could have had almost exactly what he wanted.  The Governor appears to be a true believer in the simplistic Republican Mantra and is unwilling to help our state be "Open for Business".  What company wants to relocate to Wisconsin when the Governor is causing mass chaos on the street because he has too much pride to compromise even slightly?
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World News Now on ABC is excellent.

An Amish barn in Pennsylvania.Image via WikipediaWorld News Now is on in the early morning hours and I always enjoy it.  They even have Polka music!  I think that Vanita was their best anchor but she left with very little fanfare.  It's still a pretty good news program.  I am awake anyways in the early mornings due to Crohn's related problems so I like to watch a little news which I never see otherwise.  World News Now is not aired on Sundays so I watch the U.S. farm report with Baxtor Black commentary on Sundays.  Also, an excellent show and surprisingly amusing.  I am an old farm boy myself so I like Mr. Black's humor.  I probably couldn't do farm work anymore but I still like the attitude.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Josh is the ultimate procrastinator.

Idealized mixed nuts, USDAImage via WikipediaNever do today what you can put off until tomorrow is Josh's creed. It seems to be the universal religion with all of his friends also.  If I wasn't already nuts, Josh and his pals could easily drive me there.
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I don't believe that Governor Walker will be re-elected.

MADISON, WI - FEBRUARY 22:  Wisconsin Governor...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeGovernor Scott Walker has become too controversial to be re-elected.  I think he is correct on some of his ideas but his scorched earth tactics are not going to win him votes with people in the middle ground on these issues.  He was offered what he wanted but with a Sunset provision on the anti-union part of the law.  He could have easily proposed a compromise to his advantage of allowing collective bargaining five years after the budget is balanced or something along those lines.  There are other states that have unions for public employees and still have a decent budget."My way or the highway" may sound good when you hold all the cards but political majorities are rather fickle things and you may need to work with the people you are now denigrating in the future.
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Cat wants to take a flying leap and land on my new laptop.

leaping catImage by andy z via FlickrWe can't leave our new laptop alone with our cat for one second.  He has tried to take a leap to land directly on top of it which I believe will break it.  It's his way of showing he is in charge.  We have to put the laptop in a shelf to protect it when it is vulnerable to cat attack.  Cats are superior to all other pets even with these minor drawbacks.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

I wasn't invited to the Royal wedding :(

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 21:  A general view ...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeYou know what, I would't have gone to the Royal Wedding even if I did get an invitation and had all expenses paid.  Judy can just barely get me to attend some of our own families events so the Royal Couple would have had to pay me quite a bit to go to England to attend their wedding.  They do have my best wishes and hope they remain married to each other for the rest of their lives.  I would consider it pure torture to live my life in such a public way as they will have to.  Anyways, at least I now have something in common with Sarah Ferguson.
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Josh may apply at Social Security for a job.

Social Security Administration Office of Inspe...Image via WikipediaI think this would be a good job for Josh and it seems like it would be very dependable.
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Glenn's blog has a new reader from Israel!

Flag of Israel with the Mediterranean sea in t...Image via WikipediaMy blog has a new reader from Israel according to the Stats page.  Welcome Israel!
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Government shutdowns show the incredible stubborn pride that our politicians have.

Inside the rotundaImage by Jessie Reeder via FlickrThe Bible says that "Pride goes before the fall".  Both our State and National politicians are worthless because they have so much pride they are unwilling to compromise on issues that could easily be resolved by reasonable people.  It is not possible for idealogical extremists to gain complete control of our government as was shown in Madison this week.  The population is just about equally divided on many major issues and our system of government makes it very difficult to enforce the tyranny of the majority on a minority.  Governor Walker lacks people skills when he is compared to someone like President Obama.  I am not saying that Governor Walker is all wrong but I do think it would be a lot more pleasant talking to President Obama than Governor Walker.  Governor Walker should never run for President of the U.S. because he would have our whole country looking like Madison, WI did this week.  Wisconsin definitely does not look like it is "Open for Business".  Instead, Wisconsin is looking like an ass.
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Doctor's want immediate testing on my Crohn's.

H + E section of colectomy specimen showing th...Image via WikipediaMy Doctor's have started to become slightly threatening to make me have my unpleasant tests on Crohn's as soon as possible.  I had wanted to delay until summer for several reasons.  Their major threat is that my intestine could develop a puncture from a bad ulcer which could kill me or worse, cause me to lose my colon. The testing will probably find that everything is basically normal for a person with my condition but I suppose they have to protect themselves against potential lawsuits from angry patients who lose their colon.  Doctor's have to do their job but take my advice and never get Crohn's disease or you will be sorry.

A Doctor's personality makes a big difference to me so I try to pick Doctor's who I can get along with.  I have found from experience that the quality of my care deteriorates when I have personality conflicts with my Doctor so I try not to scare off the ones I get along with.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

New computer is fast enough to run Pandora free internet music.

I like Pandora.  It is a free internet service that allows you to create customizable radio stations.
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Number of views on my blog will soon exceed 2000.

And so it begins... The hoarding of incandescentsImage by ilovebutter via FlickrI was pleasantly surprised that anyone would take the time to read my blog.  The present number of blog views is approaching 2000 with people from multiple countries.  I never new I could be so interesting to people.  I do try my best but most people tend to think I am about as interesting as a pack of light bulbs when they meet me.
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Josh may apply for job as a Library Technician.

The Golda Meir Library (north side) at the Uni...Image via WikipediaThis would be a good paying job if Josh would be lucky enough to get it.  Josh has already worked a very similar job at the college library but that just paid peanuts.  This new position would be a life changer for him and I think he is well qualified to do it.  Please keep him in your prayers.
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Looks like an ice/snow storm is on the way.

Damage from the ice storm of 12/12/2008.Image via WikipediaI never drive anywhere when it ice rains.  I just do not have the coordination and reflexes anymore.  Besides all that, my right eye is basically blind so even driving under normal conditions requires a great deal of constant attention on my part.  It would be unfair to other drivers for me to be on the road in extremely icy conditions.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Crazy political times in Madison, WI.

The state capitol of Madison, WisconsinImage via WikipediaI think its frightening that our states political leaders behave like children.  It gives the State of Wisconsin a bad image to the whole world.  I don't like all of the policies of Republicans or Democrats.  Eventually some type of compromise will be found because of the intervention of politically motivated lawsuits after these new laws are passed.  Lawyers are the only people who will profit from these new radical laws even if the laws have some sensible points.  Compromise in advance by reasonable politicians would save a lot of money in the long run but we have a shortage of such people at this time.
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Old Dell computer finally died.

Dell LogoImage via WikipediaOur old Dell computer finally died and I just refuse to fix it anymore.  It was well used and had a good service life.  We bought a good Dell laptop with a docking station for our use.  We reused the monitor and speakers to connect to the docking station. Our computer telephone (Magicjack) works well with the new computer but it must go directly to the laptop when used.  Using this new laptop is almost like being in heaven.  Just have to pay for it now.  At least its not an Apple computer or I would be paying forever.
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My Crohn's disease appears to be progressing.

Micrograph showing cryptitis in a case of Croh...Image via WikipediaI am starting to get ulcers in my mouth and it looks like its Crohn's disease.  It hurts a little but you can't really see them without a mirror and even then its difficult.  Doctor's want to do more fun testing.  There are worse things to have I suppose.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Protest at Governor Walker's Wauwatosa home is inappropriate.

110103-A-7234L-076Image by WI Guard Pics via FlickrI do not believe that it was right to protest at Governor Walker's home in Wauwatosa.  This type of threatening activity can easily get out of hand and the Governor's family does not make his policy decisions.  There are better places to protest.  I disagree with some of the Governor's policies because they directly effect peoples life in a negative manner but everyone deserves to have a little peace and quiet at their home.  It would be more appropriate to vote him out of office or try to get a recall election than engaging in a mob action.  I think that the Democrats should engage in as many lawsuits as possible to slow down the Governor's extreme agenda until a more balanced legislature can be elected.  The Courts are a more effective place to protest since many of the judges are liberal and will probably look with favor on the Democrats agenda.  The balance of political power  typically changes after an extreme agenda is shown to the public in full detail.  This is what happened to President Obama's agenda even though it was left wing instead of right wing.
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