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Monday, February 21, 2011

Doctor's want immediate testing on my Crohn's.

H + E section of colectomy specimen showing th...Image via WikipediaMy Doctor's have started to become slightly threatening to make me have my unpleasant tests on Crohn's as soon as possible.  I had wanted to delay until summer for several reasons.  Their major threat is that my intestine could develop a puncture from a bad ulcer which could kill me or worse, cause me to lose my colon. The testing will probably find that everything is basically normal for a person with my condition but I suppose they have to protect themselves against potential lawsuits from angry patients who lose their colon.  Doctor's have to do their job but take my advice and never get Crohn's disease or you will be sorry.

A Doctor's personality makes a big difference to me so I try to pick Doctor's who I can get along with.  I have found from experience that the quality of my care deteriorates when I have personality conflicts with my Doctor so I try not to scare off the ones I get along with.
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