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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Protest at Governor Walker's Wauwatosa home is inappropriate.

110103-A-7234L-076Image by WI Guard Pics via FlickrI do not believe that it was right to protest at Governor Walker's home in Wauwatosa.  This type of threatening activity can easily get out of hand and the Governor's family does not make his policy decisions.  There are better places to protest.  I disagree with some of the Governor's policies because they directly effect peoples life in a negative manner but everyone deserves to have a little peace and quiet at their home.  It would be more appropriate to vote him out of office or try to get a recall election than engaging in a mob action.  I think that the Democrats should engage in as many lawsuits as possible to slow down the Governor's extreme agenda until a more balanced legislature can be elected.  The Courts are a more effective place to protest since many of the judges are liberal and will probably look with favor on the Democrats agenda.  The balance of political power  typically changes after an extreme agenda is shown to the public in full detail.  This is what happened to President Obama's agenda even though it was left wing instead of right wing.
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