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Monday, February 21, 2011

Government shutdowns show the incredible stubborn pride that our politicians have.

Inside the rotundaImage by Jessie Reeder via FlickrThe Bible says that "Pride goes before the fall".  Both our State and National politicians are worthless because they have so much pride they are unwilling to compromise on issues that could easily be resolved by reasonable people.  It is not possible for idealogical extremists to gain complete control of our government as was shown in Madison this week.  The population is just about equally divided on many major issues and our system of government makes it very difficult to enforce the tyranny of the majority on a minority.  Governor Walker lacks people skills when he is compared to someone like President Obama.  I am not saying that Governor Walker is all wrong but I do think it would be a lot more pleasant talking to President Obama than Governor Walker.  Governor Walker should never run for President of the U.S. because he would have our whole country looking like Madison, WI did this week.  Wisconsin definitely does not look like it is "Open for Business".  Instead, Wisconsin is looking like an ass.
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