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Friday, May 29, 2015

Charter Internet speed boost in the near future?

My son is having some trouble with the upload speed of 4 Mbps from Charter when he tries to play cooperative games with other people on his PS4. I tried everything that I can think of to squeeze every bit of that upload speed into actual use but 4 Mbps just does not seem to get the job done. My actual upload internet speed appears to have some jitter and be about 2.9 Mbps. The Charter representative said that Charter plans to increase everyone's speed in about six months to a year. Gaming may not seem that important in the grand scheme of the universe but it does allow people to socialize when in the coop mode and I think that is good for my son and many other people as well.

Artist is considering advertising on blog

A local furniture artist may soon be advertising on my blog with a separate page. I have not yet seen any of his stuff but I have been told it is excellent. God bless him for giving my blog consideration as a place to advertise.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Remicade Infusions are interesting

English: The heart's interior and direction of...
English: The heart's interior and direction of blood flow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I recently had another Remicade infusion.  They have given up inserting needles into my little blood vessels and they are going after the big one near the inside of my elbow area. I think I scared them a little when I started describing all the problems they had at Froedtert getting a good blood flow without the needle going through a second valve or some such nonsense. All I know is that I prefer only one needle stick to a general hunt of poking needles in my arm. They do a good job here at Aurora.

Remicade made me feel a little odd this time.  Blood pressure went up and they wanted to keep me a little longer just to watch me. No big problems fortunately.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Intermittent Physical limitations for me

English: Pustules and crusts around the elbows...
English: Pustules and crusts around the elbows in a patient with Crohn's disease and bowel-associated dermatosis-arthritis syndrome (BADAS). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Crohn's disease actually has me laying in bed unable to do anything sometimes.  That is why I have time to write on blogger while watching television.  It took me an entire month to earn 16 cents from blogger doing this entertaining activity.  Good thing that is not my only source of income or my doctor would be out of business by one patient.

Blogger posts automatically to facebook is an easy way to post automatically from Blogger to facebook and twitter. Easy is the key operating word when it comes to all this modern technology for me.  Where are the SPDT relays wires in parallel when you need them. Wait until the solar flares shut down our technology then we will finally figure out that dependability trumps fancy technology........ I suppose I shouldn't show my age by rambling on about something few people even know anything about.

Charter Communications Internet is too slow for PS4 uploads

English: Availability of 4 Mbps-Capable Broadb...
English: Availability of 4 Mbps-Capable Broadband Networks in the United States by County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Charter Communications internet we have has internet upload speeds that are too slow for my sons PS4 online gaming. The next step up in price costs $60 more per month and it only gives you 1 additional extra Mbps in upload speed!  This makes me sad on several levels. Why didn't I get ATT as an alternative? Maybe I shall have to investigate that option. I suggest you check out all options before buying from Charter if you want higher upload speeds.

May 17 - Charter is replacing the motorola modem with another modem to try to improve the upload jitter but I don't know if that will help. Check for rodent bites on wires .

Friday, May 1, 2015

Honeyberry plants are almost here !

A Honeyberry is sort of like a blueberry but it requires less care.  Hopefully I can get them to grow in Hartford. I like any type of plant that requires only a small amount of work on my part but gives me something good to eat.