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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Remicade Infusions are interesting

English: The heart's interior and direction of...
English: The heart's interior and direction of blood flow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I recently had another Remicade infusion.  They have given up inserting needles into my little blood vessels and they are going after the big one near the inside of my elbow area. I think I scared them a little when I started describing all the problems they had at Froedtert getting a good blood flow without the needle going through a second valve or some such nonsense. All I know is that I prefer only one needle stick to a general hunt of poking needles in my arm. They do a good job here at Aurora.

Remicade made me feel a little odd this time.  Blood pressure went up and they wanted to keep me a little longer just to watch me. No big problems fortunately.

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