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Friday, May 15, 2015

Charter Communications Internet is too slow for PS4 uploads

English: Availability of 4 Mbps-Capable Broadb...
English: Availability of 4 Mbps-Capable Broadband Networks in the United States by County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Charter Communications internet we have has internet upload speeds that are too slow for my sons PS4 online gaming. The next step up in price costs $60 more per month and it only gives you 1 additional extra Mbps in upload speed!  This makes me sad on several levels. Why didn't I get ATT as an alternative? Maybe I shall have to investigate that option. I suggest you check out all options before buying from Charter if you want higher upload speeds.

May 17 - Charter is replacing the motorola modem with another modem to try to improve the upload jitter but I don't know if that will help. Check for rodent bites on wires .

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