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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Glenn is doing some early morning blogging.

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...Image via WikipediaJudy managed to get on Badgercare CORE health insurance after an epic struggle with the Milwaukee Enrollment Services fax machine.  Whoever is in charge of their fax machine must be truly incompetent because I have yet to see the fax received correctly on the first try by them.  No citizen in a country like the United States should have to jump through these types of hoops just to get something as basic as health insurance.  Obama may be wrong on a lot of issues but he deserves credit for raising the issue of health care for people who cannot obtain it.  This country needs universal health care for all of its citizens in some form just like every other decent country on the face of the earth has.  If Germany, Japan and Sweden can do it so can the United States.  If the Republicans truly had a Christian attitude, the health insurance problem could be resolved rapidly with the Democrats at the national level.  Obamacare may not be the perfect answer but neither is the Un-Christian attitude of Republicans.
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