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Friday, February 25, 2011

World News Now on ABC is excellent.

An Amish barn in Pennsylvania.Image via WikipediaWorld News Now is on in the early morning hours and I always enjoy it.  They even have Polka music!  I think that Vanita was their best anchor but she left with very little fanfare.  It's still a pretty good news program.  I am awake anyways in the early mornings due to Crohn's related problems so I like to watch a little news which I never see otherwise.  World News Now is not aired on Sundays so I watch the U.S. farm report with Baxtor Black commentary on Sundays.  Also, an excellent show and surprisingly amusing.  I am an old farm boy myself so I like Mr. Black's humor.  I probably couldn't do farm work anymore but I still like the attitude.
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