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Friday, July 8, 2016

Blue lives matter.

All lives matter including black lives.  It should concern all Americans when any person is killed unjustly.  Much of the news media and many activists are stirring up racial emotions that cause unbalanced people to take violent actions.  The slant on some news stories regarding the death of black people at the hands of police may have encouraged the violent ambush on the police in Dallas.  The Black lives matter movement may have many decent people involved with it however I have observed some of these activists stirring up direct racial hatred and hatred of the police that is every bit as bad as any white racial prejudice.

We need more black police officers in areas that are predominately black.  This would reduce the appearance of racial prejudice against blacks.  We need more professional police snipers on higher buildings during large protests to stop criminals from shooting at the police.  We need to increase the number of police K-9 units with body armor on the ground during large protests.  Dogs are not prejudiced, they merely do what they are trained to do.  Dogs do not carry guns that can be stolen and used as a weapon.  A dog may temporarily hurt a person but that is better than getting killed.  People have more respect for dogs than for human beings trying to enforce the law and dogs don't care what you call them.  These suggestions only deal with the symptoms and not the underlying problem.

The only way to eliminate the underlying problem is for people to get straight with Jesus.  Cultural and religious values that spark a person to kill someone unjustly are not acceptable on any side and are the root of this problem.  There is nothing wrong with peaceful protests that don't break fair laws or put other people in harms way.  Anyone that takes advantage of protests to commit acts of violence needs to be stopped by direct actions of the police and the police need to be monitored for illegal behavior.


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