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Friday, June 24, 2016

Garage Zen

I love my garage.  It is like a little slice of heaven on the face of the earth.  Right now its a 2 1/2 car garage that looks a little bit in disarray however I have slowly began organizing it as my Crohn's disease allows.  It has a small sectioned off room that I plan to convert into a plant potting area and glass hobby area.  I may eventually work on Bonsai and succulents when I get older.  First I have to clear out all the useless junk and throw it away.  The junk removal phase may take the rest of my life at the rate I am going.

The previous owners left a lot of loose cabinets that I plan to use for my hobbies if I can get them in order.  They must have remodeled the house and just piled up the cabinets in a corner. The person who sold us the house didn't have time to clear the garage.  She couldn't even make the house closing because her brother was murdered in Florida and she had to take care of things there.

The garage has a good view of the garden area and the spare room inside is quite comfortable.  It is good for reading, hobbies and I even hooked up an old TV which plays quite well on antennae.  Now all I need is the time to spend there which is in very short supply.  Fortunately I can lock all the doors from the inside of the garage, turn off the cell and ignore people hammering on the doors.

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