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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Are there modern day miracles?

Yes there are miracles.  I have never seen a physical violation of the laws of nature in response to prayer.  I have observed coincidences in events and nature that are so improbable that they could only reasonably be explained by divine intervention or control of nature.  Only a fool could come to any other conclusion because I seriously doubt my experience is unique.  I do not rule out the possibility that the laws of nature could be violated by God but I just have never seen it yet.

No one can ever really prove anything beyond all shadow of doubt so even a miracle will not convince a person to trust in God.  After all, your own senses could be delusional and the event may never have happened.  Ultimately a person will put their trust in something based on their experience over time so unless they are actively opposed to obvious practical explanations of reality, they will realize there is a divine influence on this earth in their life.

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