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Monday, August 1, 2016

Hillary Health Issues

10 Hillary Health Issues That Have Raised 

Hillary Clinton appears to have some significant health issues that the press does not seem to report too much.  I don't wish her any bad health because I have had enough myself.  It may be doubtful that she could survive the stress of four years of the presidency.  Donald is not likely to go easy on her in any debate and her many friends in the press can't help her that much during the debates.  It's easy to catch Donald on some mistake made during long interviews with antagonistic reporters baiting him because he has a lot of pride and is not good at political double speak.  I suspect that Hillary will have a poor showing at the debates because her health is weak and she doesn't seem good at rapid responses from unfriendly sources.  Her best hope at the debates is to be bland and hope the Donald trips over a loaded question from the press.

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