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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mission Impossible - Fatal Flaw in Rogue Nation!

Tom Cruise at a press conference featuring the...
Tom Cruise at a press conference featuring the movie "Mission Impossible 1" at the Kempinski Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg/Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The movie Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation has an obvious flaw.  No metal was allowed in the water inlet so Tom Cruise couldn't take an air tank and he had to hold his breath?  Ha! Plastic tanks can hold air!  Why couldn't Tom have taken a plastic tank into the water cooled area so he didn't have to hold his breath?  Maybe the movie guys should check with me first before they foist these mistakes on the public.  Otherwise the movie was pretty good.  Hope new Jack Reacher film doesn't have the same mistakes.

It takes me a while to see a film because I only watch the free films on Amazon Prime and Rogue Nation just became free.  Unfortunately I am too ill to sit through an entire movie at the cinema so I am unable to update my loyal readers on the technical movie mistakes in a timely manner.

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