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Sunday, October 9, 2016

News Flash: Donald said something stupid ten years ago!

What a shocker!  I don't like what Donald Trump does in his personal life but I don't really care that much because all politicians are full of bull manure.  Why should Donald be the exception? The media is clearly one sided in its reporting of politicians sins because Hillary Clinton is the anointed politically correct choice for this year.  Uncontrolled social media gives the general public access to everyones indiscretions.  Even the Clintons can't control access to information about their sins ten years ago. Everyone of us has sinned.

The political and media elite of this country may wake up one day to find out that the bulk of the people in this country don't give a damn what kind of politically correct pablum they are trying to cram down our throats.  The ability of average people to put information on social media is dangerous to the control that the elite people of this country have enjoyed in the past.  I hope Trump wins just to show the politically correct upper class that they are a bunch of jackasses and the majority of people don't care what they say. 

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