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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Giant Puffball Mushrooms every year.

This is the giant puffball mushroom growing in my backyard. Several of them come up every autumn in my backyard by one particular tree.  I had been throwing the mushrooms away because I assumed they were poisonous.  I finally looked up what type of mushroom I had and it sure looks like a giant puffball which is good eats when it is a little younger than this one.  Jo, my native american neighbor confirmed that this was a giant puffball. She gathers and eats them every year.  Wikipedia says they are making some new type of cancer medication out of these type of mushrooms and I have seen them sold on the internet for an interesting amount of money for culinary purposes.  I may not have a green thumb but I can't slow these fungi down or kill them even if I try.  They come up every autumn like clock work.

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