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Monday, February 20, 2017

Playstation Vue review

Grant Walker, Texas Ranger
Grant Walker, Texas Ranger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Playstation Vue has a free trial offer for about a month so I decided to take a look at it.  We have cut the cord on regular cable TV to save money and because it is mostly a waste of time.  CNET gave Playstation Vue a fairly nice review and free is my type of price.

I thought that over the air TV combined with the internet would be sufficient to keep everybody here entertained.  It's close but no cigar.  I could live without Playstation Vue or similar services such as Sling or Direct TV's streaming service because I hate to spend money on anything  but there are other people to consider.  Some members of my family are unable to get out of the house easily and it is unfair to restrict them to very limited viewing choices.

Playstation Vue's least expensive package combined with over the air TV and the internet should provide enough viewing choices.  It costs about a dollar a day if you want to continue it beyond the free trial month which is less than what it costs for cable TV.  It has apps to play it on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Playstation, Android, Cell phones, Apple, Computers and most tablets.  You can have up to five streams at any one time and it includes news channels like CNN and FOX.

Our cat likes watching it so that is a good enough recommendation for me.  It has better packages and many add on channels you can pay for if you like to spend a lot of money and time watching TV. I personally mainly like to watch the live news channels at my convenience.  I don't like always watching endless reruns of Walker Texas Ranger on over the air TV which my wife likes to do so Vue provides a mutually agreeable alternative. Vue costs less than going to the cinema and its more comfortable. It's difficult for me to go out to a movie at the cinema due to Crohn's disease so I prefer to watch any movie at home.  Playstation Vue may be a keeper in my opinion.

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