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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We are watching Dante's Peak on DVD.

Federal Emergency Management AgencyImage via WikipediaThis DVD reminds me of the current unexplained situation the U.S. is experiencing with the bird and fish kills. I find the government explanation of fireworks to be weak because multiple events are occurring over a large but limited geographic area.  I personally suspect that the events are not being induced by human activity such as firecrackers but are instead being caused by a natural phenomenon isolated to a specific geographic region.  There is an earthquake fault line that roughly seems to correspond to the area of the animal deaths so it does not seem that foolish to suspect some type of geological activity related to it. I have read articles that strongly ridicule this idea.

The government has a legitimate interest in keeping everyone calm because it is very probable that nothing geologically bad will happen so I do not trust the information that the government puts out on this subject.   Property values in geologically suspect areas drop drastically and the government is ruled by politics so it is unlikely that they would cause a panic by making statements about future  earthquake probability even with good evidence.  FEMA does have some literature about earthquake fault lines but they do not tie it to any type of imminent threat based on recent evidence.
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