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Monday, May 16, 2016

Garden didn't work out this year.....bummer.

Euphorbia wulfenii
Euphorbia wulfenii (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I wasn't able to make much of a garden this year.  Certainly not anywhere near my ambitious plans made during winter.  I was just too ill and didn't have the cash for a lot of frivolous luxuries. Plus I had bigger issues to deal with.

Still, I will have a few container veggies and some small fruit/nut bushes to be planted.  Scavenged containers from Craigslist help keep the cost down.  I recommend Guerneys seed and nursery mail order for some good deals on high quality plants if you wait for their sales. I don't care to plant anything that I don't like to eat so that limits what I grow.  Flowers are pretty but I want something that will provide me with a little return on my investment.

The existing giant trees in my garden area need a good trim to allow some light in for veggies and other plants.  We have a 27 foot manual pole saw that needs to be employed on a sunny day with no wind to get rid of all the shade producing branches.  Last year we even had some one foot puff ball mushrooms spring up over night under the trees.  Its time to let the sun shine in to this dark abyss.  I tried using the long pole saw on an extremely high branch but its a little tricky and my muscles are not like they were 20 years ago so I temporarily delayed until I have more time.  Its easy to use a 16 foot pole saw but these 27 foot honeys take some practice.

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