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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trump vs Clinton Media bias

English: Bill Clinton’s flyer as he ran for Pr...
English: Bill Clinton’s flyer as he ran for President of the student body at Georgetown University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am not a big fan of either presidential candidate but it seems that Trump does get negatively slanted press reporting of his campaign. Clinton seems to get a pass by the press on her gaffs and illegal emails.  I certainly wouldn't vote for either one of them but maybe someday there will be a candidate I could support.

The disruption at Trump events seems to be caused by external agitators and not by Trump supporters but the media does not differentiate this fact clearly.  Trumps words are extensively analysed for racism and inconsistencies. I do not trust Trump but I don't trust any politician so why should he be different.  Trump uses emotional statements to emphasize feelings he thinks people believe in and he clearly is not careful with his wording.  It is fair to give him significant criticism but not everything he says is wrong and he should not be automatically dismissed when he talks.  The liberal press has a knee jerk reaction to everything Trump says and that simply is not appropriate in a representative democracy.

The press seems to ignore Clinton's illegal emails and reviews of her comments are always slanted to put her in the best light. Her husbands sexual behavior while in office is a legitimate problem and he should not be in government.  Everyone may have sinned but that doesn't mean you should put someone in a public trust when they have used that trust inappropriately in the past.  Hillary plans to put Bill into some kind of public trust in her administration so his past behavior is fair game in politics.

It would be nice if we could just judge candidates by their policy viewpoints.  Unfortunately, most of Trump's policies change with every wisp of wind and the majority of Clinton's policies are not acceptable to start.  Third party candidates are not a viable solution at this time. There are not any presidential candidates that I would trust at this time.

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