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Saturday, May 28, 2016

US Cellular needs to improve customer service.

English: Samsung Galaxy Ace
English: Samsung Galaxy Ace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
How many tries does it take for US Cellular customer service to activate three simple Samsung Galaxy Prime cell Phones?  It takes a full morning of several telephone calls to customer service, a trip to the Hartford, WI store and finally telephoning one magical US Cellular representative that knows how to do his job while sitting in my car outside a US Cellular store.

I realize that my time and my families cheap little plan are not that important to a big company like US Cellular but I still find it mildly annoying to spend several hours activating cell phones when I could have been cooking hamburgers and puttering about in my garden.  It only took a short time to activate the cell phones after I got lucky enough to telephone the one representative who knew the mysteries of the plan.

ATT had better customer service in my opinion but US Cellular is a slight bit cheaper and has better deals if you read the fine print and are willing to put up with their partially problematic customer service.  Maybe I made some type of mistake but it just shouldn't be this difficult to activate a phone. ATT was easier and more professional.  I believe the problem with US Cellular is that they separate the responsibility to the customer into different organizational groups and this instills a culture in their employees of passing the buck to the next group.  It is at least clear that a US Cellular store does not take customer responsibility for cell phones ordered on a US Cellular website.

Oh well, the price is right and I probably won't be activating phones for a few years. I am just too old and ill for these type of adventures.

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