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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Headphones save the day again!

English: Philips headphones
English: Philips headphones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
How did anyone ever live without headphones?  I am not sure who invented them but that person should have their own national holiday named after them. I believe they save marriages, stop arguments and keep you healthy by reducing stress.  The only problem is our cat has an unhealthy fascination with the thin cord and he instantly bites it in half if you turn your eyes for one second.  Fortunately Amazon has some cheap replacement headphones that are actually fairly good to replace the cat attack victims which keeps my sanity marginally intact.  Why does all hell break loose anytime I try to close my eyes and sleep? Headphones allow me to close my ears like a beautiful balm from heaven and relax. Eventually my eyes follow suit and find blissful slumber in spite of everyone else's daily emotional idiocy. I can always fix their problems tomorrow after a little shut eye.  Maybe they might even wise up a little and stop acting like a two year old without a pacifier when I stop helping them for a few hours.  Doctors said I should get better sleep but they need to tell the people trying to keep me awake rather than me.

You know what,....... well never mind I have already said too much.

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