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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Remicade Infusion coming up

Stomach colon rectum diagram.
Stomach colon rectum diagram. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Its time.  Time to be infused with Remicade so my GI tract stays intact a little while longer.  Sit in a chair with a needle in your arm for a few hours while your pumped full of the good stuff.  I am actually getting used to having needles stuck in me and waiting to see if I have any bad reactions.  No bad reactions yet but I have been told that their are some rare reactions that don't sound like a whole lot of fun.  Remicade seems to be working well for me so I am happy about that. Random potential bad reactions are the risk you just have to take if you want to live like a human being instead of a GI tract cyborg. I wonder if the Aurora clinic gives you food and a beverage during the infusion. Froedtert used to do this but they stopped providing that luxury. How I dream about those Froedtert sandwiches, chips and soda! Sometimes the nurses would give me a double portion of food under the table in spite of the threat to their job by obsessive bean counters in management. You know you have been in the hospital too long when you start dreaming about hospital food.

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