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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Manchurian Apricot Trees are almost here !

Fresh apricots in a Boston, Massachusetts, USA...
Fresh apricots in a Boston, Massachusetts, USA grocery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I used to own two Manchurian Apricot trees when I lived in Illinois.  I planted them and actually lived in one place long enough to finally get a single apricot.  A relative of mine then proceeded to cut the trees down while helping me do some yard work.  He thought they where overgrown brush I guess.  What could I say to him?  Sigh.

Now, I have another chance to plant and grow Apricots and I plan on living here until I feel the juice of the apricots running down my face and staining my shirt in a nauseating fashion during harvest season.  Provided God is willing and global warming doesn't change the climate to kill the apricots I should get a harvest in a few years.  No one will ever be allowed to prune any fruit tree in my yard again until I am resting with my grandparents in Hartford's Pleasant Hill Cemetery.
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