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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Christians get a bullet to the head in Oregon.

English: Pagans kill Christians in Pliska.
The murderer in Oregon asked some victims if they were a Christian.  Christians were shot in the head. Would you deny Christ if someone had a gun to your head? What makes a person proclaim they are a Christian instead of denying Christ even though they know they will die for that statement? No one should be put to that test if there is anyway to prevent it.

Some of our news media and politicians are deliberately obscuring the fact that Christians were targeted in this horrible crime.  This crime seems to be a religious hate crime.  Its not just a tragedy caused by having an unattended illegal gun laying around for a lunatic to pick up. The news media and politicians that are using this event to advance their own agendas dishonor the people that were killed.  The relatives of the dead have a right to say what they believe regarding the situation but I suspect their grief will simply be exploited by the media and politicians.  There is room for legitimate disagreement over what our laws should be to prevent future deaths.

Why were Christians the ones that were singled out for death?  Could it be the sarcastic hate speech directed at Christians by some parts of our current atheistic culture influenced a lunatic to commit a religious hate crime?  Maybe some little sick cartoon on social media influenced the delusional killer.  Perhaps the killer was of another religion that considered this act justified.  The people are still dead and knowing the reason they were killed will not bring them back.

Not all religions and philosophies of life are equal. There is an absolute right and a wrong for many situations.  An idea in the killers head caused him to commit the crime.  I am not a person that cares too much for religious norms and behaviors but the killing could have been prevented if the killer had different ideas in his head.  The ideas spoken by Jesus in the Bible would have prevented this killing if the murderer had heard and accepted them.

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