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Saturday, October 10, 2015

100 year old birthday party at the Hilton

English: You can also have a Crepe birthday party
English: You can also have a Crepe birthday party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We just got back from a birthday party for my wife's 100 year old Aunt.  Nice people, Good food, and a great time had by all.  If I ever reach 100 years old (I predict that I won't), I hope I would look half as good as my wife's Aunt.  She is sharp mentally and pretty mobile physically.  Must have lived right and had good genes.

Relatives from various parts of the country were there.  The Hilton is really a good venue for this type of party. We don't go to the Hilton that often and my wife rarely gets to see all her relatives so she was very happy. Sicilians and Germans can really put together a good party when they have a reason.  Sometimes they even put together a party without a reason.

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