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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

School Choice using a total voucher system.

English: Flag of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
English: Flag of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
All parents in the USA should be given a voucher to send their children to the school of their choice. Failed schools would be eliminated by parents making good choices.

The schools and college I attended were fine but some young people today are not as privileged as me.  There are schools in Milwaukee that have a zero percent rating on the reading capability of their children. Would you send your child to a school like that if you had any other choice? It is not the child's fault that the school he is going to can't teach him.

What exactly is wrong with schools that can't teach children to read?  It does not make any difference what is wrong with these schools.  Close these schools, lock the doors, fire the teachers and use a bulldozer to raze the school to the ground before they hurt the lives of any more children.  Provide the parents of these children with a voucher that will allow them to go to a school that can at least teach them to read.

I recommend that people choose Christian schools for their children rather than secular schools.  The secular schools in Milwaukee do not seem to be up to the job.

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