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Friday, March 11, 2011

Denying anyone health care is a sin.

SamaritanImage via WikipediaShould a Christian let people suffer when they have the power to help them?  I don't believe that anyone who has a personal relationship with Jesus can deny someone health care.  Simply read the parable of the Good Samaritan and do what it says.  The Good Samaritan paid the Innkeeper to take care of the wounded man while the Samaritan attended to other business.

Obama's health plan may have flaws but its closer to what Jesus said than anything I have heard any Republican say.  I hope Scott Walker's shenanigans have created a wedge issue that will allow President Obama to be re-elected because everyone needs health care. Someone said that "God works in mysterious ways" so perhaps God will answer my prayer that this country has some type of health care for all of its citizens.  Maybe if enough Republican Politicians really knew who God was they would have done something to solve this issue long ago.

The Republican party will fail unless it addresses the real problems that people have in a Christian manner.  A hidden agenda of Eliminating health insurance, Deporting hard-working Mexicans, Busting Unions, Supporting subtle Racism and eliminating people's rights may work well in Libya but the United States is not a dictatorship as our Governor will find out on his recall election day.  Democrats are not any better but I will get to their issues on another day.
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