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Thursday, March 3, 2011

People read my blog at 2:30 AM.

SheepImage via WikipediaIt amazes me that there are people reading my blog at 2:30 AM US central time according the the Stats page.  Maybe they read my blog instead of counting sheep to put themselves to sleep.  I bet it's very effective.

When I was much younger and in good health, I tried to help our neighbor Rodger load up a bunch of sheep into a truck.  Rodger had some type of health problem so he couldn't help just then.  I cornered the sheep in a long narrow run with one opening and I was going to rope them one at a time.  Big mistake.  When I approached the sheep they all stampeded me simultaneously.  The first sheep jumped completely over me and knocked me down.  The rest of the sheep kicked me several times as they ran over my body.  I still have a tiny scar on my leg.

This sheep experience reminds me of our current political situation in Madison.  The governor is trying to make a powerless minority (sheep) do something they do not want to do. I can almost sympathize with Scott because he will probably have some permanent political scars.
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