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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nuclear or Coal power is still needed.

Icon of Wind TurbinesImage via WikipediaNuclear power will be needed to power our cities unless we are willing to use Coal power plants on a larger scale.  Only these two sources of power have the capability to generate enough power to handle the electrical needs of the world.  Solar, Wind, Geothermal and other types of renewable power sources are incapable of generating enough power although they can be useful as a partial source of our electricity in limited areas.

We should try to reduce the risks of any type of large system such as Nuclear power but it is impossible to eliminate all risk when natural events such as large earthquakes or Tsunami's can occur.  The Nuclear tragedy that occurred in Japan can happen in the United States and anyone who deny's that is foolish or telling you a lie.  If the United States is unwilling to give up electricity to all of its citizens, we will by using either nuclear or coal for at least a hundred  years.

We need to retrofit or replace all of our nuclear plants that are not rated for the earthquake zone they are in.  Larger modernized nuclear plants should be built at the site of existing nuclear plants when they become obsolete if these sites are geologically safe.  Building on existing sites is more politically expedient than building at any other location.  Larger modern nuclear plants do not have any more risk than old small plants and they would be able to generate more electricity in the same area.

Coal plants should not be expanded unless a way is found to deal with the Carbon Dioxide they generate.  This may not be impossible in the future but nobody is doing it right now.
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