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Saturday, October 1, 2011

If I have to vote for some candidate for President of the United States, I would currently vote for Barrack Obama.  The Republican candidates seem weak or they are catering to extreme right wing nuts to get a few votes.  The Republicans only redeeming quality is that they are against abortion but that situation is simply not going to change even if the Republicans gain control.

The Tea Party is not economically or morally rational and it is controlling the political discussion on the right.  My hope is that the Tea Party will become a third party and split the Republican party vote.  Tea Party candidates would not be good for our international relations if they were elected.

President Obama is not perfect but at least he has the common sense to take out the Al Qaeda leadership where they live.  The economy looks like it may just start to turn around before the election and I hope President Obama gets credit for that.

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