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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Josh now trains other workers.

The Milwaukee Journal-SentinelImage by jimmywayne via FlickrJosh has started training other workers on his night shift job at the Journal.  It would be great if he was able to get another job at the Journal with benefits or obtain a good job someplace else.  The Journal does not seem to have a lot of new job openings but he is keeping an eye on their job application site.  I think he intends to always keep the part time Journal job as a back up even if he gets a more substantial full time job.  The Journal has a very flexible work schedule so they would accommodate another job by altering his schedule as long as it fit their requirements. He started working at the Journal when he was 16 so he has the potential to put in more than 40 years at that company if he continues to work there.

He has applied at the museum for a part time job that would suit him well.  He has a number of possibilities for full time jobs but no firm offers yet.
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