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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sagan was a Pagan.

Part of Image:Planetary society.jpg Original c...Image via WikipediaCarl Sagan was mistaken in his view of the Cosmos.  One example of this is when he said that two amateurs were not qualified to determine the rotational direction of Venus and that this type of work should be left to professional astronomers who would not make obvious errors.  It happened to turn out that the amateurs were right and Carl was wrong if my memory is correct.

I had a class in college called simply "Cosmos" which was good for three technical credits and I needed it to graduate.  I found it quite enjoyable even though Mr. Sagan had such an obvious prideful bias in his videos regarding many things.

The Professor of this class asked me the question "Is evolution a fact, theory or hypothesis?"  I said evolution is currently a hypothesis because the experiment of creating life from inanimate matter can't be duplicated or observed.  Because the Physics Professor was quite bright, he immediately agreed with me rather than Sagan.  This made my entire day at the time and it still brings a smile to my face on occasion.

I am looking forward to this new Cosmos Sequel that is being made.
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