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Monday, November 17, 2014

Are there Hobbits among us?

7th Human Evolution Symposium: Hobbit in the H...
7th Human Evolution Symposium: Hobbit in the Haystack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
At least one Pope has approximately said that evolution is compatible with faith. The idea of Supernatural interference with evolution really irritates atheists and ultra-conservative Christians hate any compromise with evolution.  Rigid thinking patterns in science or religion have never impressed me as being useful for achieving truth.

Can anyone just explain where Hobbits came from with surety?  I doubt it.

How can anyone tell exactly what happened during the origin and development of all life? Humans are not God. Science can't even duplicate the origin of life from inanimate molecules so there is not much hope that it can accurately describe exactly what happened so long ago.

Hobbit mystery endures a decade on : Nature News & Comment

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