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Monday, April 23, 2012

Armour glass bottle cutter.

Diving for bottles
Diving for bottles (Photo credit: eclectic echoes)
Pontiled soda or beer bottle excavated in New ...
Pontiled soda or beer bottle excavated in New York City. The cobalt colored antique bottle is embossed "J.H Yale - Middletown, CT" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am using the Armour bottle cutter to cut bottles with mixed results.  It takes practice.  I finally decided to permanently mount the bottle cutter to the bench with screws and this looks like it will help the cutting success rate quite a bit.  I will probably make some glass planters.  I can't work for very long periods of time because of Crohn's disease but even a short while cutting glass bottles forces you to concentrate on what you are doing instead of life's problems.  If anyone want to give me some free bottles to recycle into art, they would be appreciated.  Almost any type of bottle or jar will work. 
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