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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mitt Romney for President?

I think Mitt Romney is the best Republican contender for the Presidency.  He at least had the brains and compassion to start universal health care in his state when he was the governor.  There are many right wing religious republican nuts that do not like him because he is a Mormon.  I am more interested in how somebody votes on the issues and Romney's record is fairly good from what I have seen.  I think Obama is better for the country in general than Romney with the exception of the abortion issue.  Romney is constrained by the extreme conservatism of his party from doing whats right to help the poor, middle class and those with medical problems achieve a decent standard of living. The cruelty of extreme Republican dogma will prevent Mitt Romney from being a good President if he wins but he may be able to eek out being a mediocre President.  At least he would be better than Newt.
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