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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The perfect Church.

11th century Hebrew Bible with targum, perhaps...
11th century Hebrew Bible with targum, perhaps from Tunisia, found in Iraq: part of the Schøyen Collection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have found that there is not any perfect Church by using the empirical method.  I have probably joined close to ten different Church's of various denominations in my life time.  They all had problems but if you want to worship Christ it is necessary to have some type of corporate worship.  I am not an expert on Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic but the ministers of the denominations I attended claim to be and yet they obviously do not agree with each other.  I found most of them to be decent people.  Clearly human imperfections are obstructing the Bible's original message but the Bible is fairly clear on it's major points especially in the New Testament.

It is more important to be straight with Jesus than to please people in a Church denomination.  I do not think that any individual Christian denomination has a monopoly on the truth.  At the same time it is almost impossible to be Christian and not belong to some type of denomination.  The Bible is the only reliable source of truth that I have found and I believe that God inspired specific people to write it accurately.

There are many different types of literature in the Bible and people may have legitimate disagreements over passage interpretations.  The major simple parts of the Bible are easy to interpret by anyone who reads them with a good reasonable attitude.  I have seen the Bible misused many times but this does not negate the truth it contains.
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