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Friday, May 25, 2012

Is religion the cause of the world's problems?

Depends on the religion.  Human's choose to be evil themselves and they really can't blame religion for their own actions even if the religion isn't the best.  Most religions consist of a mixture of truth and lies.  In my opinion, the closest religion to the truth would follow Jesus teachings but humanity has continuously added lies to Jesus teachings until their religion is bloated with extraneous material that causes a lot of harm.  Subtracting from Jesus words is somewhat more difficult since the Bible is the best documented book in existence from its time period.  Even some History teachers at UW-Milwaukee use the Biblical text in their classes because of its excellent historical information content.

A significant percentage of the world's problems are directly due to imperfect religion.  Any reasonable person can see that is true.  Jesus said he was the Truth.  If Jesus was telling a lie in this statement then his religion would be false.  Can anyone tell me that Jesus words are the cause of the world's problems? If so, then which words are those?
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